London Terror


At least nine people are dead in London as a result of suspected terrorists attacks.  Police say three of  the suspected attackers are dead along with six victims in what is  being described as a "protracted event" that started on the London  Bridge, when at least one driver mowed down a number of people.  Then as  many as three men exited the vehicle and began stabbing innocent  bystanders at random.  There were multiple eyewitness accounts that at  least one of the attackers had some sort of explosive device strapped to  his body.  Soon after that, there were stabbings reported at a nearby  market.  Police say three of the attackers were shot and killed by  officers at the market.  

At least 30 people are being treated at six local hospitals for  various wounds, including one police officer.  Scotland Yard says there  may be more victims unaccounted for. Police added that there may be  possible suspects still at large.  British Prime Minister Theresa May  says the London incident is being investigated as a "potential act of  terrorism."   

Photo: Getty Images

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