Project Cool Will Again Help Seniors Beat a Hot Summer

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With hot days ahead, Catholic Charities and the San Antonio Fire Department are beginning another year of Project Cool, to make sure fans get into the hands of seniors and the disabled who may not have a/c in their homes, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"We will not say no anyone who is 55 or older, and possibly those who are younger, because we want to help as much as possible," J. Antonio Fernandez, the CEO of Catholic Charities, said.

He says the effort will try to obtain 6,000 donated box fans to distribute to people in need.  Officials warn of a hot summer ahead, and say it is critical that San Antonio band together to make sure nobody dies due to the heat.

"So much of this work is focused on our senior community, to make sure they have a quality of life that they deserve," Councilman Ron Nirenberg said.

Seniors are of particular concern because their bodies may not be able to regulate heat the way younger people can, and the medications many are taking may make it difficult for their bodies to register that it is too hot until it's too late.

Older people also may be inclined not to turn on air conditioning if they have it due to the cost on their fixed income budgets.

Fans can be dropped off at any fire station.

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