Proposal Would Ban Smoking in All City Parks

An effort is being launched at City Hall to ban smoking in all city parks, in both indoor and outdoor locations, as well as on all of the linear hiking and biking parks along creekbeds, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The City banned smoking on Fiesta parade routes and at destinations like the San Antonio Zoo in 2010, but Medina says citizens want to get away from cigarette smoke in city parks.“

This recommendation arose out of long-term concerns expressed by families, park-goers and the Woodlawn Lake Community Association,” said Medina.

Medina says feelings about smoking are changing, with people feeling that even if some individuals smoke, they should not to it in public places, even outdoor places, where it affects other people's health.

The proposal is expected to come before City Council in the coming weeks.

Image: Getty

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