Couple Indicted for 'The Worst Child Abuse' University Hospital Docs Have Ever Seen

A 24 year old man has been indicted by a Bexar County Grand Jury for causing such serious injuries to his girlfriend's 21 month old daughter that police at first thought she had been mauled by dogs, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.I

Isaac Cardenas is charged with two counts of Super Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, a first degree felony that carries a minimum 25 years in prison and up to life behind bars.

District Attorney Nico LaHood says when police went to the couple's south side home on New Years Eve, they found the little girl has suffered 'severe injuries to her genital and anal area.'

The girls' mother, Crystal Herrera, 22, told police she had been attacked by dogs, and the injuries were so severe that police believed her.

But doctors at University Hosptial said the injuries were not consistent with an animal attack.  One doctor said it was the worst case of chld abuse he had ever seen.

Herrera is facing one count of Injury to a Child causing Serious Bodily Injury by Omission, which basically means that she knew that Cardenas was sexually abusing her daughter and did nothing to stop it.

"It is unthinkable to hear allegations of a mom involved in such horrific behavior," LaHood said.  "This alleged abuse is disgusting and will be treated appropriately.  We will not grow weary in showing the community how much we value children."

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