San Antonio: Snubbed Again by the NFL

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

The hopes and dreams of San Antonio football fans were flushed down the toilet this week when the Oakland Raiders announced they were moving to Las Vegas, despite a strong push by a local coalition, which included Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff.

"Vegas may not be a large market but they have the gambling and casino money, and that's what they're after," he tells Newsradio 1200 WOAI.  "It's kind of sickening in my book."

He says the reason the Raiders chose Vegas is because they offered $750 million in public funding twoards a $2 billion stadium.  They offered an upgraded Alamodome.

"But that's not good enough for them.  They gotta have a $2 billion building.  Hell, go somewhere else," Wolff says.

Despite pleas from fans who believe San Antonio is ready for the NFL, Wolff says, it doesn't make fiscal sense to devote tax dollars to millionaires.  

But could the Raiders come to San Antonio in the time before Vegas builds their new stadium?  

Jason La Canfora, who is a reporter for CBS Sports, believes so.  He wrote a column this week, saying he wouldn’t be surprised if we played a temporary home.

"I learned Monday that the NFL has already done on-site studies of UNLV’s current stadium and while “it has a ways to go,” in terms of being up to NFL standards, according to one source with knowledge of the situation, getting it ready for September 2018 wouldn’t be out of the question."


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