San Antonio Taxpayers Being Sued Over Off Duty Officer's Actions

Jury selection began this morning in the trial of a federal civil rights lawsuit filed against the City of San Antonio by the family of Marquise Jones, who was shot by a San Antonio police officer who was working security at a northeast side restaurant in early 2014, News  Radio 1 200 WOAI reports. 

The lawsuit named the city, the San Antonio Police Department, and the officer involved as defendants.

 Jones, 23, was shot in the back after an altercation over a minor traffic accident in the drive through lane of Chacho's Restaurant on Perrin-Beitel Road early in the morning of February 28, 2014.

Officer Robert Encinia, who was off duty working security at the restaurant, shot Jones after a confrontation over the wreck escalated.  A grand jury determined that Encinia is not criminally liable for the shooting.

Jones' family claims Encinia shot Jones, even though Jones was no threat and was in fact shot in the back.  Encinia claimed Jones had a gun.

Jones' family is also claiming that the SAPD was negligent in training Encinia and  the officer did not have probably case to fire.  They also claim Encinia was working a second job in violation of SAPD rules, and the investigation into the shooting was not done properly.


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