Speeds Reach 100 MPH in Loop 1604 Chase

A man in his twenties who tried to outrun a Bexar County Sheriff's Deputy when he was being pulled over for a routine stop early today ended in in exactly the same place everybody else who tries this ends up, in handcuffs, and facing charges far more serious than the ticket he would have gotten had he simply complied with the officer and pulled over, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The man first say the telltale red and blue lights of a traffic stop in his rear view mirror about 12:30 AM as he drove down Marbach Road on the city's west side.

But instead of pulling over, the guy gunned it, and careened northbound on Loop 1604 at speeds of over 100 mph.

Now with a bevy of officers on his tail, the man turned onto Hausman Rd. near UTSA, sped east, and attempted to get off on I-10.

But there he skidded across the access road and smashed into a concrete barrier.

At this point, the man pleaded with the same officers he was just trying to get away from to help get him out of his mangled vehicle.

He was rushed to the hospital in stable condition.He is also facing charges of evading, speeding, and several counts more serious than what he would have faced in the beginning.

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