New AAA Course Teaches Teens and Parents on Driving Basics

By Morgan Montalvo


"Triple-A  Texas" is debuting a new 90-minute parent-and-teen course designed to  help families navigate driver education requirements while emphasizing  safety and awareness behind the wheel.

"Dare  to Prepare" provides families with up-to-date information on the  hazards of impaired and distracted driving, as well as vehicle safety  and even choosing the right driving school, said Kara Thorp, an  Austin-based AAA-Texas spokeswoman visiting San Antonio Tuesday evening  to launch the new program.

Thorp  says the course is designed around the challenges teens face on today's  roads, and emphasizes responsible behaviors before and during driver  training. She says drivers ages 15-24 are most likely to be involved in a  motor vehicle mishap, and least likely to wear seat belts.

"We  also cover other topics, such as impaired driving, drowsy driving and  just how dangerous those behaviors can be behind the wheel," Thorp said.

Dare  to Prepare offers tips on choosing driver education courses and  schools, what to do if a vehicle breaks down, and features a  parent-teenager contract that families can use to establish the rules of  the road before parents hand over the keys to their newly licensed teen  driver.

Parents can enroll in Dare to Prepare at: AAA - Teen Driver Safety

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