'Kelly Alert' Would Join AMBER, Silver Alerts in Texas

We have the AMBER Alert and the Silver Alert, now a Dallas lawmaker is proposing the 'Kelly Alert,' News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

 State Rep. Toni Rose (D-Dallas) tells News Radio 1200 WOAI the Kelly Alert would be to urge motorists to keep an eye out for adult women who are missing and are believed to have been victims of violence.

"Cases such as domestic violence, cases where they may already know who the assailant may be," Rose said.

The proposal is named for a pregnant Dallas woman, D'Lisa Kelly, who vanished after friends heard her screaming at a man on the phone.  Her body was found ten days later.

The Kelly Alert isn't the first new alert proposed in the Legislature.  State Sen. John Whitmire (D-Houston) has proposed the 'Blue Alert,' to urge people to help look for suspects in an assault on a police officers.

The AMBER Alert system, which was started by Texas Broadcasters in the wake of the kidnapping of Amber Hagerman in Arlington, has been adopted nationwide and has been a very valuable tool to help find missing children.

The Silver Alert, which dates back to 2011, urges people to be on the watch for elderly people who may have wandered away from home due to dementia.

In both cases, notification about the object of the search, a description of the car involved, and other pertinent information is distributed on Transguide signs operated by TxDOT over freeways, as well as on radio, TV, and cable stations.  In the case of the AMBER alert, many cell phone systems also broadcast alerts over the phone.

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