Local Bank Robber Gets Long, Hard time

A San Antonio man is going to federal prison for 41 years for robbing two local banks on the same day back in January of 2013, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Joseph Krist, 45, robbed the Lone Star Capital Bank of San Antonio, and the Lone Star National Bank on November 23, 2012, using a gun to assault a bank employee during the Lone Star Capital Bank heist.

Krist is already in federal prison, doing a thirty year hitch for sticking up a bank in Corpus Christi.

A co defendant, Rebecca Brown, 48, of San Antonio, is already serving a five year term for her role in the Lone Star Capital Bank robbery.

When Krist gets out of prison, when he's 86, he'll have to somehow scrape up $17,000 to pay restitution to the two banks he robbed.

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