Horrible Father Sentenced for Offering His Own 16 Year old Daughter for Sex for Money

There's creepy, there's really creepy, and then there's Scott Robinson of Baytown.

News Radio 1200 WOAI reports Robinson, 46, has been sentenced to thirty years in prison, for taking his own 16 year old daughter to truck stops and other locations and pimping her out to have sex with multiple men for money, which Robinson would pocket.

Prosecutor Joanne Music says the girl had 'multiple clients each evening.'

"Not only do we have the exploitation of a child, but this is his own child," she said. 

"A father is supposed to protect his daughter, but instead he was prostituting her out."

She says Robinson had a system to market his daughter for sex in exchange for cash."He takes her to a truck stop, instructs her to go up to various trucks, knock on the window and proposition them for sex," she said. 

 "When that turns out to be pretty lucrative, he decides to take out ads on 'backpage.com.'

Music says Robinson actually advertised for his own daughter to be an 'escort.'

She says this began when Robinson learned that the teen was having sex with her high school boyfriend.

Music says Robinson then screamed 'if you're going to act like a prostitute, then you might as well be one!'


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