Woman Pulled Over by Phony Cop on City's West Side

When a woman was pulled over on San Antonio's west side near Brennan High School early Sunday by a Crown Victoria with flashing red and blue lights on the roof, she thought she was being stopped by a law enforcement officer...especially when a man wearing an official looking uniform approached her car.

But 1200 WOAI news reports a passing Sheriff's Deputy noticed the Crown Vic, which is a standard law enforcement vehicle, didn't have any police logos.

He stopped and realized that the person who had performed the traffic stop isn't a police officer at all.  He's a prison guard from the federal prison in Three Rivers.

The stop happened on Cullum Park, near  Brennan High School.

Now its 31 year old Justin Coats who is being stopped by police.  He was arrested for impersonating a public servant.

Officials say Coats is 'clearly not authorized to conduct traffic stops.'

Officials say if motorists, especially at night, are concerned about the identity of an officer who has pulled them over, they can  call 9-1-1, or they can drive to a well lighted secure area, after signaling to the officer that they understand they are being pulled over and are not intending to run. 


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