At SxSW, Biden Makes Emotional Appeal to Continue Battle Against Cancer

When you think of Austin's South by Southwest you think of music and tech, and there is plenty of that on display.  But 1200 WOAI news reports the emotional high point of the annual event may have come Sunday afternoon, when former Vice President Joe Biden delivered an emotional appeal to the Trump Administration to make fighting cancer 'number one' in its list of priorities.

"Cancer never gives up, it never surrenders," Biden said.  "And that's why we must choose every discipline cancer does, and we're starting to do that."

Biden said he brought his message to South by Southwest because there are 'some of the most brilliant minds in the world sitting in front of me right now.'

Biden lost his own son to brain cancer.He told South by Southwest that there have been major initiatives over the last several years.

"We now have powerful new technologies and new tools like immunotherapy, that makes cancer cells visible to the immune system, so our natural defenses can destroy the cancer."

In a major outreach to the Trump Administration, Biden said the people in the White House are 'good, decent, honorable people,' and he vowed to do 'everything within my power' to help the White House continue and accelerate the war on cancer.


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