San Antonio Proposes Banning Nuke Shipments

The City of San Antonio is considering joining Bexar County in coming out against any shipments of radioactive waste rolling through the metro area, either by truck or by train, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

A resolution introduced by northwest side Councilman Ron Nirenberg calls on City Council to oppose a company called Waste Control Specialists plan to truck up to 40,000 tons of nuclear waste, from nuclear power plants, research centers and other places, to a site in Andrews County near El Paso, where a long term storage facility is being constructed.

"This is a major public safety concern," Nirenberg said.  "While the industry is regulated, it would e reckless for us to allow the nation's nuclear waste inventory to travel through the heart of one of its largest cities."

The high level nuclear waste that the facility will store for some  10,000 years is dangerous enough to kill a person if directly exposed.

Bexar County's resolution specifically cited San Antonio's dismal record when it comes to train derailments.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will have the final say on whether the facility will be licensed, and whether San Antonio and Bexar County will have the right to block shipments.


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