San Antonio 'Bandidos' Members Face Additional Charges

Federal law enforcement is determined to see the Bandidos laid low.News Radio 1200 WOAI reports  many leaders of the outlaw motorcycle gang are already under federal indictment, but a grand jury has now issued a second indictment against the San Antonio leaders of the group.

These charges involve violations of the Racketeering Influence Corrupt Organization (RICO) law, which was established to take down the Mafia, as well as the murder of an Austin man who was shot to death in front of his girlfriend, because he was trying to establish a Texas chapter of the Hell's Angels, which is a rival to the Bandidos.

Four Bandidos were rounded up on Thursday in connection with the murder of Anthony Benish in Austin.

  They include the Bandidos National Sergeant at Arms Johnny (Downtown Johnny) Romo, 47, San Antonio Centro Chapter Sergeant at Arms Jesse (Kronic) Benavidez, 40, and San Antonio Bandidos members Robert Romero, 45, and Norberto (Hammer) Serna, 35.  All four are charged with killing Benish.

The indictment says thje four attempted to dissuade Benish from starting the Hells Angeles chapter, but he wouldn't listen. 

"The murder was committed to protect the power, reputation, and territory of the Bandidos enterprise," the indictment says.

This indictment is in addition to a previous indictment that charges Jeffry Fay Pi ke, 61, the Bandidos National President, and National Vice President John Portillo, 57, of San Antonio, with multiple felonies.

Court documents claim the Bandidos and the rival Cossacks were 'at war,' and the indictment alleges a number of violent acts committed by Bandidos members against the Cossacks.  The two were rivals over meth and cocaine operations in San Antonio and elsewhere, the indictment claims.


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