Stolen Pickup Driver Leads Police on a Wild West Side Chase

Stealing a pickup truck turned out to be a really bad career move for a man on San Antonio's west side this morning, News Radio 1200 WOAI  reports.

Police were called to the 100 block of NW 34th Street about 8:30AM on a report of gunshots.

Officers were told that a man was found passed out inside a vehicle with a gun in his hand. When the man woke up, he took off inside the stolen vehicle, and at one point shots were fired, although nobody was hit.The chase was on, as officers following the stolen pickup up 34th Street, to Culebra, and for several miles east on Culebra, with an army of police cars trailing him and a police helicopter overhead.

After weaving in and out of traffic, and at one point attempting to ram a police car, the man smashed into an oncoming vehicle.

He jumped out of the stolen pickup and tried to run away, but he was tackled by police.He was being treated for injuries suffered in the accident.

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