This Guy Stole a Million Bucks from Local ATMs.

A San Antonio man who's company fixes ATMs that are often found at corner stores has pleaded guilty to sticking his hand in the piggy bank, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Joseph Vasquez, 54, now faces up to 30-years in prison on embezzlement charges.

He said little in federal court this week at his plea hearing, where the case was laid out.  

Between November 11 and November 14 of 2016, Vasquez stole the cash that was inside the ATM safes, which he was supposed to be fixing. 

 An audit, done by the U.S. Bank National Association, found the shortfall.Because the cash is insured by the FDIC, the case landed in federal court.

According to court papers, some of the ATMs were completely emptied of cash.  In other instances, the locks had been changed and the company used to fill them was unable to access the vaults. 

"All told, more than $1 million of (the U.S. Bank National Association's) cash was unaccounted for."

The complaint reads that the U.S. Bank National Association confronted Vasquez and he admitted accessing the ATMs.

Sentencing has been set for March 14th, but in court, Federal Judge Fred Biery told Vasquez and his attorney that they would be given more time if there was a possibility of coming up with cash to pay back the bank.

And this is the part that has stumped investigators: Vasquez is broke.  

In court, his attorney, Scott McCrum said his client has "no 'right now' disposable assets" although he "has hopes" that some cash can be found.

1200's Michael Board has been told that investigators have no idea how Vasquez blew through $1,084,600 in a relatively short time with nothing to show for it.  

There are no cars to be seized.  There are no homes to be liquidated. There is no sports memorabilia, and as far as they can tell, no trips to Las Vegas or another resort.

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