Firefighters Forced Out of Burning Home by Flames, Explosions

posted by 1200 WOAI -

Firefighters were forced out of a burning home on the city's northwest side this morning due to raging fire and a series of explosions inside the house on Montpelier Street, which is off Babcock and Hillcrest on the northwest side, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Everybody was able to safely get out of the house, but some pets did not survive.

Firefighters saw the smoke pouring out of the roof even before they got close to the burning house.  When they arrived...they found smoke and flames pouring out of the roof and several windows.

Firefighters at one point had to back out of the house when explosions started going off inside.  A window was also blown out by the force of the fire and flames.

Fire crews are trying to determine exactly how many pets were lost.  At least one dog and one pet lizard died.

No word on a cause of the fire, arson investigators are on the scene.