In a move that was compared to Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb, San Antonio City Council today approved a the first step in bringing super fast Google Fiber internet service to the city, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The city authorized staffers to enter into an agreement with Google Fiber Texas LLC for long term leases on forty pieces of city owner property.


  "Google is requesting access to city owned property for installation of approximately forty equipment shelters across the city," said Rene Dominguez, the city's International and Economic Development Director.


  The shelters, called 'Google Fiber Huts,' will be pre-fabricated, fenced in structures, about 11 feet by 25 feet, which will house the brains of the Google Fiber network.  Google Fiber Broadband would be approximately 100 times the speed of existing Internet service, something Councilman Ron Nirenberg says would be a major step forward for the city's economic development status.


  "This is a huge effort to bring our city to the forefront of technology," he said.


  Google Fiber Texas executive Mark Strama said any timetable for the system will depend on how quickly the company can locate and lease the appropriate land and what it's technicians learn about the challenges of stringing a new fiber network across the city.  Google Fiber has not yet firmly committed to entering the San Antonio market.


  Google Fiber plans to build a fiber ring around the city.  It will connect to the Google Huts, and from there, the fiber will branch out to what are called 'Fiber-Hoods.'  As soon as a certain number of people have committed to buying Google Fiber, at about $70 a month for Internet service and $120 for Internet and Broadband, the fiber will be extended into that area.


  Nirenberg says the coming of Google Fiber is no different than the coming of the electric light.


  "This will probably be difficult to overstate the importance of this," he said.  "It is probably akin to turning on the lights in San Antonio."