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UNMITIGATED DISASTER: The World Reacts To Biden’s Horrible Debate Performan

Politico reports many foreign officials and diplomats very alarmed over the extremely poor performance from President Joe Biden on Thursday nights debate.

Former President Donald Trump faced President Biden in their first presidential debate who looked tired and found it hard to convey his ideas in many segments which caused many of the president’s strongest supporters to explore the possibility of new Democrat nominee. Several officials and dignitaries told politico that while they had some issues with things that Trump said, Biden’s cognitive decline was on full display and raised concerns that he may not be to able to continue serving as the commander in chief.

An unnamed European official told Politico, “Internationally this isn’t a great look for America, at the risk of stating the obvious.”

“Enormous lies by Trump,” said a Western diplomat according to Politico’s reporting. “On the other hand, at least we understood what he says. Maybe we are witnessing a turning point for Biden.”

In most presidential debates, the foreign policy segment is not usually the most important item for voters but almost the first half of the debate related to international developments.  Trump hammered Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, his lack of support for Israel and lapse stance on Iran leading to the Israel-Hamas war, and the continuing war between Russia and Ukraine.  Biden’s response was to claim that if Trump was president again, he would leave NATO allowing Russia to continue its march.

Many international officials were extremely disappointed with Biden’s performance according to Politico.  “The debate on foreign policy is shallow. Biden cannot present his case, and Trump is overstating it.”

“It’s no secret that Biden is old, and he’s showing his age,” said another unnamed European official.

During the debate, Trump presented himself as strong and energetic while Biden continued to lose his train of thought leading an African diplomat to admin that Trump, “frankly, he looks more and more like a guy we can do business with,”  reported Politico.

European media outlets echoed the outcome of the debate as “near catastrophic” for the Biden White House and campaign.  The Italian media characterized Biden as “confused” while talking with a “hoarse voice.”  Finland’s Yle flat out said his performance was a “disaster” and Poland’s Onet described the debate as “sad to watch” with Trump hammering Biden and “put Biden on his back.”

The British media out The Economist described Biden’s performance as “an unmitigated disaster—perhaps the worst of any presidential candidate in modern history.”  The Economist described Trump as “meandering” but “the president… stammered indecipherably, struggled to complete his lines of attack, and proved his doubters completely correct.”

September is the next scheduled debate between Trump and Biden but it may be canceled if drama unfolds at the Democratic National Convention as Democratic commentators urge Biden to step aside.

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