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Democratic Strategist David Axelrod Predicts Biden Loses Election by a Hist

With just four months to go before election day, President Biden continues to get calls to resign and possibly have Vice President Harris continue his campaign in order to avoid the major landslide loss that Democratic strategist David Axelrod predicts.

Axelrod was the former top advisor to President Obama and was instrumental in his campaign for president. He was highly critical of Biden running for reelection before the debate and now after the American public saw just how bad Biden’s mental state truly was, Axelrod predicts Biden would highly damage the Democratic brand and ruin his legacy if Biden doesn’t put aside his stubborn attitude to continue forward and simply quit.

Biden gave a post-debate interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulous and during a segment on CNN’s “Inside Politics” to discuss the interview and overall debate performance, Axelrod gave a brutal opinion of Biden going forward.

“There are certain immutable facts of life, and those were painfully obvious on that debate stage, and the president just doesn’t seem to come to — he hasn’t come to grips with it. He’s not winning this race,” he said. “If you just look at the data and talk to people around the country, political people around the country, it’s more likely that he’ll lose by a landslide than win narrowly this race. And if the stakes are as large as he says, and I believe they are, then he really needs to consider what the right thing to do here is.”

Axelrod wrote a response to the ABC interview on X holding nothing back.

“I think he‘s done some historically important things and history will be much kinder to him than voters are being right now but the question is, what will his reputation be like?” he asked. “What will his legacy be if he persists in this race and loses and loses badly, which is really possible at this point, you know we elect presidents by the Electoral College.”

“I know there‘s some polls at speak otherwise, but I‘ve looked at a ton of data and no one in those states who are, who is knowledgeable would say he‘s ahead in any of the battleground states, but now you have states like Virginia, Minnesota, Maine, the governors of New Mexico and Maine, reportedly told him in that meeting last week that they‘re not sure he can carry their states, which were presumed to be in his column.”

“So he could lose and take the House and the Senate with him, that’s not the legacy that he wants. He has a great, great record and a great history. So I think if that‘s what he‘s thinking, he‘s looking at this the wrong way,” Axelrod said. “The only thing that’s pushing him out of politics is the immutable march of time.”

“I think he’s making a terrible mistake. If he doesn’t win this race, it may not be Donald Trump that beats him, it may be his own pride,” Axelrod predicted.

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