CBS Fires Staffer for Leaking ABC Video about Epstein Cover-Up

Yashar Ali says that CBS News has fired a female staffer for leaking ABC News' Anchor Amy Rorbach's rant against her bosses; Rorbach was angry at her bosses for not airing a detailed interview of one of dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's alleged victims.

While it's not definite if the woman did indeed leak the audio, it's been alleged that she used to be an ABC employee before her time at CBS. ABC is scrambling to do damage control, telling NPR News that the network would never run away from a story in which one of Epstein's alleged victims detailed her time as a sex slave who was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew.

The Twitter-verse is calling out both networks for "Colluding to fire someone who leaked a major bombshell" and covering for an alleged pedophile connected to some of the world's most powerful. Social media is trying to understand "how either network could ignore their journalistic duties to protect the bottom line."

Photo: Getty Images