Trump Steps Up Campaign Against Illegal Immigration


President Trump says the U.S. is being invaded by illegal immigrants.  Speaking at the White House today, Trump called it a crisis.  He again warned about Central American caravans that are headed to the U.S. and defended his deployment of several thousand U.S. troops along the southern border.  Trump said illegal immigration is placing an enormous strain on the U.S.  Trump said it costs America billions of dollars a year. 

Trump called the U.S. a "welcoming country" but argued that "mass, uncontrolled immigration" will not be allowed.  He said, "They have to come in legally."  Trump said Democrats are unwilling to embrace Republican proposals on immigration reform.  He also blamed Democrats for bad immigration laws.  The Republican-controlled Congress has not attempted to pass any comprehensive immigration bills during Trump's time in the White House. 

Photo: Getty Images

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