Guy Tries to Document Harassment of Trump Supporters and Gets Attacked

A Trump supporter thought it would be a great Youtube video if he could document the harassment that supporters have to deal with. 



YouTuber Elijah Schaffer and musician Joy Villa teamed decided to produce this video near the president’s Hollywood star, which was vandalized earlier this week. Before long, anti-Trumpers confronted Schaffer, Villa and their friends.

One of the instigators who got in Schaffer’s face started referring to Villa as the “n-word.” Before long, pushing and shoving ensued. Then punches. The group ended up getting their camera stolen and threatened with a knife.

What do you think the headlines would read if it were Trump supporters instigating and harassing people on the street? Do you blame people like Maxine Waters for this kind of behavior? Why do people think it's o.k to harass others simply because of who they voted for? 

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