The Secret To Health And Happiness Is Surprisingly Simple


Being happy and healthy is surprisingly simple so says a study. Just be more social.

Researchers at the University of Oxford found that the more a person eats with others, the happier they are. They also found that social eaters are "more likely to feel better about themselves and have wider social and emotional support networks."

While the researchers "simply don't know" why this is the case, the results don't lie. Of the 8,250 British adults surveyed, people who always eat alone scored much lower than the national average, in terms of happiness.

Robin Dunbar, a professor of psychology who worked on the study, says, "At a psychological level, having friends just makes you happier," and that spending time with others triggers endorphins, giving your brain a high.

Do you normally eat alone or with others? Do you notice a difference when you do the opposite?

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