School Requires Students to Smile In Between Classes


A Pennsylvania school district apparently requires its students to smile in between classes or they face consequences, according to teens at the school.

Students in the Northern Lebanon School District who don’t have a smile on their face while in hallways between classes are allegedly told to either smile or see a guidance counselor to discuss their problems.

Fifteen-year-old Julianna Gundrum transferred out of the school and says that administrators are more worried about kids smiling than the bullying issue that is taking place inside the school.

Superintendent Erik Bentzel said any bullying incident reported in the school district is taken seriously. He also denied any punishment for kids who do not smile while in the halls of the school.

Is requiring kids to smile during the day a bad thing? Do you think that more students would have come forward if this was a serious issue at the school? Would you be o.k if your child was required to smile in between classes? 

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