High School Threatens $1,030 Fine For Cheering At Graduation


A South Carolina high school is really serious about making sure its graduation ceremony is a calm, dignified affair.

During an assembly for seniors, Greenville High School told students "Please ask your guests not to call out, cheer, whistle, or applaud during the reading of names and presentation of diplomas."  Standard enough, except for the next part - "The citation for family members yelling out is $1,030."

School officials are backing off, saying the fine would only apply if a student's family caused enough of a ruckus to be considered disorderly conduct.  The Greenville Police Chief says they have no intention of giving citations for cheering. 

Officials also say they expect to hear a lot more cheering this year ever since their warning went viral.

Are schools too uptight about graduations?  Did your family cheer at your graduation ceremony?

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