Black Men Arrested at Philadelphia Starbucks Agree to Meet With CEO


Two black men arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia have agreed to meet with Starbucks president and CEO Kevin Johnson.

The men were arrested for allegedly trespassing after a manager at the store called police to notify them of the two men sitting in the coffee chain. The men had no purchased anything to drink as they reportedly waited for a friend to join them.

Michelle Saahene witnessed the incident. She told NBC News on Sunday that after the men were not permitted to use the bathroom because they had not purchased anything, they sat at a table silently while using their phones as they waited for that friend. 

The friend, a white man showed up as the two were being arrested. The two men were released after several hours in custody and Starbucks declined to press charges.

How can Starbucks make this right? The police say they did nothing wrong. Should the police be held accountable as well? Were they just carrying out a request from the store manager? Should the manager be fired?

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