“Free-Range Parenting” Is Legal in Utah


The Governor of Utah, Gary Herbert, has signed into law a child raising method called "free-range parenting." The law now gives a child the freedom to develop and do things on their own. 

Lawmakers passed the law after seeing cases in other states where parents were investigated or had their children removed after people reported seeing the kids walking to school alone or playing sports without parent supervision.

"We live in a fear-infused culture in which we've lost perspective on safety," says Lenore Skenazy who came up with the word free-range parent. "Common activities like leaving a child in a car are often presented as though they pose threats to our safety." 

Utah will be the first state to pass a law like this and it states that children must be mature enough to handle situations, but doesn't specify age. The law goes into effect May 8. 

What are your thoughts on this law to allow "free-range parenting?" 

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