Marijuana ruling allows girl to go back to school


11-year-old Ashley Surin can go back to school in Schaumburg, Illinois now that she's allowed to take prescription medication with her.

Surin's medicine is a medical marijuana patch that's infused with cannabis oil and lotions. It helps to control seizures. According to Ashley's parents, the patch along with a special diet have done wonders for the girl's health.

Illinois law didn't allow this kind of medical treatment in schools. Marijuana of any kind was illegal on school grounds. The Surin family sued the school district and they kept Ashley out of school for a few weeks while legal ramifications were being discussed. 

After discussions between the school districts and lawyers, the ruling came from a federal judge to allow an emergency order to allow Ashley to go back to school. A hearing will be held Wednesday to see where the case will go from here.  

Do you think we will see more cities and states accepting of true marijuana based medications? 

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