Pags Tribute to the Victims of Las Vegas Massacre (VIDEO)


A tribute to the victims and loved ones of the Las Vegas Route 91 Country Music Festival massacre. Our thoughts and prayers are with those still fighting for their life in the Las Vegas hospital. 

Not all of the victims names have been released, but here are the names of the identified victims of the Las Vegas Route 91 Festival Shooting. 

Cameron Robinson, 28 years old

Stacee Etcheber

Heather Warino Alvarado, 35,

Steven Berger, 44, of Shorewood, Minnesota

Denise Burditus, 50, of of Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Sandy Casey, 35, of Redondo Beach, California.

Denise Cohen, 58, of Santa Barbara

Tom Day Jr., 54, of Riverside, California.

Angela 'Angie' Gomez, of Riverside, California.

Charleston Hartfield, 34, of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jessica Klymchuk of Valleyview, Alberta, Canada.

Rhonda LeRocque, 42, of Tewksbury, Massachusetts. 

Calla Medig, 28, of Edmonton, Canada.

Sonny Melton, 29, of Big Sandy, Tennessee. 

Adrian Murfitt, 35, of Anchorage, Alaska.

Jennifer Parks, 35, of Lancaster, California.

Rachael Parker, 33, of Manhattan Beach, California.

Melissa Ramirez

Quinton Robbins, 20, of Henderson, Nevada.

Bailey Schweitzer, 20, from Bakersfield, California.

Kurt Von Tillow, 55, of Cameron Park, California.

Michelle Vo, 32, of San Jose, California.

Kelsey Meadows

Tara Smith, 34 years old

Jordyn Rivera, 21 years old

Carrie Barnette, 34 years old

Rocio Guillen Rocha

Hannah Ahlers

Jordan McIldoon, 23 years old

Dana Gardner, 52 years old

Quinton Robbins, 20 years old

Rhonda LeRocque

Denise Burditus, 32 years old

Sandy Casey, 35 years old

Susan Smith, 53 years old

Lisa Romero-Muniz

John Phippen

Chris Roybal, 28 years old

Neysa Tonks

Jenny Parks

Christina Duarte, 22 years old

Victor Link, 52 years old

Jack Beaton

Kurt Von Tillow, 35 years old

Andrea Castilla, 28 years old

Bill Wolfe Jr., 42 years old

Derrick Taylor, 52 years old

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