Kimmel asks Spicer about "Surviving the Worst Job Ever" (VIDEO)


Sean Spicer made an appearance on Wednesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

“He survived one of the worst jobs ever and is free, at last, to speak about it,” Jimmy Kimmel said by way of introduction, as Spicer walked out to big applause on Kimmel's late-night talk show.

What about the big inauguration gaffe on Day 1? Spicer said that Trump “wanted to make sure the record got set straight” and was upset because he felt that people were trying to undermine the validity of his election and didn’t want to give him credit for his victory.

Kimmel pointed out that inaugural crowd size and electoral victory are two very different things, and Spicer admitted many in the White House would have rather focused on other issues. “But look, he’s president,” Spicer said. “He made a decision.”

Will we be seeing more of Spicer on TV now that he has "broken the seal" with his appearance with Kimmel?

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