Video of UC Berkeley Police Seizing Hot Dog Vendor's Money Inspires Outrage


Onlookers expressed dismay and outrage this weekend when a University of California Police officer citing a food vendor rifled through his wallet and took his earnings. 

Cal alumnus Martin Flores filmed the interaction between the officer and the vendor, whose first name is Juan; he has since raised more than $30,000 for Juan’s cause on a gofundme page. The University is reportedly scrutinizing the incident. Flores, who was attending a football game at the college with his family, was buying a hot dog from the vendor on Saturday when the officer interrupted the sale and took the vendor’s cash. 

The vendor, according to the officer, was operating without a permit to sell food. The incident has inspired discussion of Civil forfeiture laws, which allow officers to seize assets from suspected criminals, a tactic the ACLU considers to be widely abused.

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