Deputy AG: Will Lean On Reporters More Over Sources


Deputy U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said yesterday (August 6th) that prosecutors don't intend to go after reporters for doing their jobs as part of the crackdown announced Friday on government leaks. Rosenstein said, "We're after the leaker, not the journalist. We're after people who are committing crimes."

However, in his appearance on Fox News Sunday, Rosenstein said they could try more forcefully to get reporters to reveal their sources. He said they are reviewing the guidelines that make it difficult to subpoena journalists about their sources, and that some of what he called "procedural hurdles" may be delaying leak investigations.

Jeh Johnson, who was Homeland Security Secretary under former President Barack Obama, agreed on CBS' Face the Nation about how much leaking is going on. He said, "The leaks right now are really bad. I've never seen it this bad." However, he warned about unintended consequences if the Justice Department goes after reporters for their sources. He said, "Before you decide to take on journalists, reporters, and perhaps subpoena their sources, be aware that the courts are going to get involved, and that has the potential for making bad law in this area."

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