McCain Urges Senators to Again Work in Bipartisan Way to Get Things Done


Senate Republicans were able to muster just enough votes yesterday (July 25th) to clear a procedural hurdle and advance their health care legislation to debate, and a key vote was cast by Senator John McCain, who returned to Washington just days after being diagnosed with brain cancer and undergoing brain surgery just days before that. McCain, with a visible scar on his face, was greeted with a standing ovation as he cast his vote to advance to debate.

Despite voting to advance the legislation, McCain gave a speech on the Senate floor after it was passed in which he was critical of the secretive, non-usual way in which the proposal was created, including without any hearings, and suggested it might not pass to become law in the end and maybe shouldn't. He said that while voting to advance to debate, he wouldn't vote for the bill without changes.

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