Rowan University Tells Profs How To ‘Interrupt Microaggressions’ (CHART)

BERLIN, GERMANY - JANUARY 13:  Students attend a lecture in the computer studies department at the Freie Universitaet January 13, 2003 in Berlin, Germany. The German university system is facing cuts of EUR 75 million in state funding over the next four ye


In case you want to know how to best “interrupt microaggressions” next time you come across them. 

Rowan University provided guidelines for their professors explaining how they can “interrupt microaggressions” that include the “myth of meritocracy,” and “colorblindness”. 


The chart first lists the “microaggression”, then a way for the “third party” or the professor to join in on that conversation and the last column provides some “communication approaches” and even provides exact key phrases for the professor to use in the conversation. 

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