A Neo-Nazi Converted to Islam Then Killed Neo-Nazi Roommates For Not Respecting His Religion


18-year-old Devon Arthurs from Tampa, Florida was a neo-Nazi, and he lived with three roommates who were also neo-Nazis.

But their relationship changed recently . . . when Arthurs pulled one hell of a 180 and converted to ISLAM. 

And on Friday, he snapped and KILLED two of his roommates . . . because he said they were disrespecting his Muslim beliefs.  He told the cops, quote, "This wouldn't have had to happen if your country didn't bomb my country. 

He's facing two counts of murder plus several other charges.

So what about their fourth roommate?  That's a guy named Brandon Russell, and while Arthurs didn't kill him, the investigation into the murders in the apartment led the cops to find he had homemade EXPLOSIVES.

So he was arrested for violating federal explosives laws.

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