70% of Us Sometimes Use Our Finger as a Spoon, Plus Eight More Gross Eating Stats

16 Jan 2002:  Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban licks his fingers as he serves an ice cream cone while working at Dairy Queen in Coppell, Texas. Cuban accepted the offer to work at Dairy Queen after making a remark to NBA Director of Officiating, Ed Rush,


According to a recent survey by Buzzfeed, 70% of us sometimes use our finger as a spoon to eat things like peanut butter or icing when we eat cake.  Here are eight more gross eating stats . . .


1.  Do you ever eat food that's fallen on the floor?  57% said yes.


2.  Do you ever lick your fingers clean after you eat?  64% admitted to it.


3.  Do you ever end up with food all over your face?  54% of us do.  83% said they sometimes spill on their clothes, and 45% sometimes get food in their HAIR.


4.  Do you make chewing or slurping noises when you eat?  Only 25% said yes.


5.  Do you ever talk with food in your mouth?  Only 43% said yes, which seems low.


6.  Do you ever lick your plate clean?  35% of people said they do it.


7.  Do you ever pick food out of your teeth and then swallow it?  70% said yes.


8.  Do you ever eat something that's too hot . . . spit it out . . . wait for it to cool down . . . and put it back in your mouth?  45% of people said yes. 

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