How Much Money Would It Take to Live the Rest of Your Life Stress-Free?

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According to a new survey done by lottery groups in Australia, most people DON'T think winning nearly a million dollars would cover it.  (We've converted the results to American dollars, so if they sound like arbitrary amounts, that's why . . .)


Only 24% said an $800,000 jackpot would be enough to totally change their life.  (In Australian dollars, that's $1 million.)


17% said they'd need more like $6 million . . . and 30% would need about $8 million to live the rest of their life and not worry about money anymore.


33% said the best thing about winning a huge jackpot would be getting out of debt, and being financially secure.


22% said being able to help friends and family would be the best part.


14% said it would be having the freedom to do whatever they wanted. 

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