Rachel Maddow's Reveal of President Trump's Tax Returns was Kind of a Bust


Yesterday, Rachel Maddow lit up Twitter by announcing she had obtained President Trump’s tax returns, and would be revealing them on her MSNBC show at 9:00 P.M.

But it was kind of a bust.  What she had was Donald's 1040 form from 2005, and there really wasn't anything juicy in it at all.  It showed that Trump made over $150 million that year, and paid more than $36 million in taxes.

And that's about it.  It was so NOT damaging that tax expert David Cay Johnston suggested that Trump himself might have leaked it.  Johnston is the one who gave the form to Rachel, after receiving it in the mail from an anonymous source.

Of course, the 1040 is only a small part of Trump's tax forms for the year.  His full return would be much longer, and could potentially contain the smoking gun his opponents are hoping for.

But Rachel didn't have that.  Even so, she milked the announcement for all it was worth, by waiting until well into the show to even bust out the 1040.  And the Internet let her have it.

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