President Trump: I’m proud to support the replacement plan.”


With House Republicans ready to start voting today (March 8th) on the health care plan it released two days ago that dismantles parts of the Affordable Care Act, President Trump praised the legislation yesterday and warned GOP lawmakers that there could be a, quote, "bloodbath" for them in the 2018 midterm elections if they don't pass healthcare legislation after seven years of vowing to get rid of Obamacare, according to CNN, citing sources in the room during a Trump meeting with House Republican leadership. Trump also promised to throw his full support behind the effort, saying he was proud to support the GOP plan and would support it, quote, "100 percent."

Amid a backlash to the legislation from both conservative lawmakers, who say the legislation doesn't go far enough in tearing down Obamacare, and moderate Republicans who are concerned in particular about its retreat from the Medicaid expansion, Trump said he would call and meet with the GOP lawmakers to get them in line to pass the bill. He said of the measure, "We cannot toss this out and start all over. We are too far down the road for that."

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