"Call Me Chaos"

US Defense Secretary James Mattis speaks before meeting with South Korean Defense Minister Han Min-Koo (not pictured) at the headquarters of the defense ministry in Seoul on February 3, 2017. Any nuclear attack by North Korea would trigger an


Benny Johnson, a writer for IJR, ran into Sec. Mattis while covering President Trump's address to congress. During their brief conversation Johnson asked Secretary Mattis if anyone in the Pentagon called him 'Mad Dog'. Here's what he replied. 

"You know, that is not my real call sign? That was something made up by the press. Some reporter, who needed a quick name for me. My real name is Chaos. “Colonel Has An Outstanding Solution.” That is my real call sign and what my men used to call me. Anyone who has ever worked with me calls me Chaos. That's the name I prefer."

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