WATCH: Budweiser Debuts Pro-Immigration Super Bowl Ad


Budweiser will be airing an ad during the Super Bowl on Sunday about Anheuser-Busch founder Adolphus Busch coming to America from Germany in 1857 to take over his father-in-law's brewery business, and it includes some of the discrimination he faced, including being told to go back home. In the current political climate, with the controversy over the Trump administration's temporary travel and refugee ban, the ad is likely to be seen as political. But Budweiser insists it isn't meant that way. Plans for the ad were finalized back in October, when no-one even knew Donald Trump was going to win the election. Budweiser VP of marketing Ricardo Marques said, "There’s really no correlation with anything else that’s happening in the country. We believe this is a universal story that is very relevant today because probably more than any other period in history today the world pulls you in different directions, and it’s never been harder to stick to your guns." 

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