Woman Thought She Was Rescuing a Child in Middle of Dark Road, But She Was the One in Real Danger


A North Carolina woman nearly fell victim to an attempted carjacking when she stopped her car to help, what appeared to be a child sitting in the middle of the road. The video above, shows what the dummy looked like. 

Here’s the press release from the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office:

Carteret County deputies responded to the Paradise East subdivision at 1:30am after a 33-year-old woman who was driving home from work approached what appeared to be a person sitting in the middle of the roadway. As she got closer to the person, which turned out to be a dummy, two young white males wearing dark hoodies pulled on the door handles of her locked vehicle. The victim immediately drove away which was the “absolutely the right thing to do” said Jason Wank. Deputies searched the area but were unable to locate any suspects and the dummy was seized.

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