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It’s About Votes: DOJ Charges Cops in Breonna Taylor Case

BUCK: We have the announcement just yesterday from the Department of Justice. Now, let’s remind ourselves here, every decision that this DOJ makes is going to be through a lens of politics whenever it touches on an area of political sensitivity. So, they’re gonna do things that benefit the Democrat Party, and I do start to see more and more indicators that they are hoping to put forward not just to continue these January 6th indictments, hold people in solitary.

I’m starting to think more seriously that they are gonna try to bring a criminal charge against Donald Trump. I know it’s always been a possibility. But you see the last stronghold or perhaps the most formidable stronghold of the Democrats in the justice realm is that Washington, D.C., is just full of lunatic libs. So, if you — and that means the prosecutors, the judges, and the jury pool. So, if you bring a charge that is politically charged, you are going to get the outcome that Democrats want to see.

So, that’s something we should keep in mind going in I think that that’s their break-the-glass plan. Right now, they’re hoping they can turn sentiment around with all their help from people in the media — the Democrats, the activists pretending to be journalists. I think that’s the plan. And there’s, of course, the specific candidates in different races, which on the Senate side is not going very well for us right now. I’m just gonna say it.

We’re all very confident about the House. If Republicans don’t take the House, we should just figure out something else, folks. I don’t know. American politics is not really gonna be our thing anymore. Maybe think of taking an island somewhere in French Polynesia, go off-off-grid. But the Senate’s gonna be a much tougher — a much tougher situation, to be sure. The Georgia Senate race between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker is gonna be very close.

And Warnock has been winning for quite a while. The Senate race between Fetterman and Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz? Paging Dr. Oz. We need you to make up that gap, sir. You’re behind by about 10, 11 points in the polls, I’m seeing. What’s going on here? I got a prescription, Dr. Oz. Oh, I messed it up. I got a fever, and the only prescription is more campaign stops or something like that. He’s gotta do a better job with that. But it’s gonna get very, very political between now and the election in places where it’s not supposed to as well, right?

It’s one thing to be out there, senators and running their ads and all rest of it, fine. Justice Department is not supposed to do this, though. But it will. It has. And it will continue to. The Justice Department with Merrick Garland at its top, the head of the DOJ, the attorney general, Merrick Garland, was even involved in, let’s not forget, that moment where parents who were speaking out at school board meetings were being referred to in some way as though they were possible domestic terrorists.

Remember that whole fiasco? And the DOJ under Merrick Garland was, “Oh, we’re on it. We’re gonna make sure those parents need to shut up and have their 6-year-old told that they can make up their pronouns every day, and if it’s a boy he’s probably a girl and then we have to call him a ‘she.’ Shut up about that, parents!” This is the Biden administration. This is how they feel about this.

Just so everyone’s all very clear on that. But this is a different issue as well. The black vote is going to be critical, as it always is for Democrats in elections. Gonna be very important for this in this midterm election. And the activist community or the activist groups within the black community are gonna have to be mobilized. So, how do you do that? Well, as we’ve been discussing here on the show, progressive prosecutors are just being annihilated, not only by people like me who are pointing out how stupid their ideas are, but by the numbers.

And that’s why yesterday we spent the at the top of the show. If you missed it go back and listen to the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton podcast, first hour, spent so much time on the recidivism numbers. The activists from the “end mass incarceration” world are the people that are BLM activists, they were saying, “Oh, recidivism won’t go up if you just let people out right after they commit crimes even if they’re a threat to public safety.”

Well, that was wrong. We all see that it was wrong. And people are finally now mobilizing on that. They’re deciding, “Hey, I don’t want my community to be so dangerous anymore. I don’t want the murder rate to be so high. Can we get the prosecutors to actually lock up people that have been arrested 30 times, 50 times, a hundred times?” So, what does the Biden DOJ do right now to try to show that — there’s still a social justice, CRT, BLM mandate for the Biden Department of Justice, and that is to bring federal charges in this case against four Louisville police officers. Here was the announcement of this yesterday. Merrick Garland telling everybody what’s going on.

BUCK: They are charging these four offices with federal civil rights crimes over Breonna Taylor. Now, Breonna Taylor is a name that you will hear BLM activists and progressives in the left-wing media channels and editorial pages, they will say Breonna Taylor and they’ll bring up Mike Brown and they’ll bring up George Floyd, and one of the martyrs of the BLM movement, effectively, is Breonna Taylor.

And just by way of review, she was shot during an exchange of gunfire with police in Louisville who were executing a warrant on what they believed to be a drug stash house, and the individual who was there, there was a male present who pulled his gun, shot a cop and was shooting through a door. So, one cop got shot through the door, and he started shooting wildly through the door, even after…

And this is all a matter of record. It was a no-knock warrant. The police did announce themselves according to a neighbor who heard the police, one neighbor said he heard the police announce themselves; so, they’re shooting through the door. They’re being shoot through the door. Officers fire back through the door. Merrick Garland is bringing a federal civil rights excessive force charge against the cop who shot — a cop who shot through the door.

Okay. I mean, this is remarkable, isn’t it? This is a federal issue now, they’re saying. They also go into details about conspiracy, conspiracy to falsify arrest warrants. I will remind everybody that the lawyer who falsified information to get a FISA warrant to try to overthrow a presidency, effectively, under Donald Trump 100% changed information, knew what he was doing, he walked. A D.C. jury said, “Nah, that’s okay. He was anti-Trump!”

So, you can see the politics involved in that, right? Now we’re going to have the Feds come in and say that this was a case of a civil rights violation because police got something or got some issues wrong in a search of a home that, remember, when they knocked and said, “Police,” they got opened fire on. Okay? Just keep that in mind. The cops are taking incoming fire. When they knock, they say, “Police.”

And also, from the wiretaps — andhat tip to my friend, Ann Coulter, as one of the few people that I’ve seen… She is a trained lawyer, folks. She’s a very sharp lawyer. And, you know, she’s a writer now, but she understands the law. She’s gone through the court transcripts, the previous legal proceedings, and what has been introduced as evidence in the past. And she wrote this.

“The morning after Breonna was killed, for example, Jamarcus,” who’s the individual that was shooting at the police who was in the home at the time. “Jamarcus told his baby mama (on a police-recorded phone call): ‘This is what you got to understand, don’t take it wrong, but Bre been handling all my money, she been handling my money … She been handling s–t for me and Cuz, it ain’t just me.’ He detailed the amounts when an unidentified male got on the line, saying, ‘Tell Cuz, Bre got down like $15 (grand), she had the $8 (grand) I gave her the other day and she picked up another $6 (grand).’”

All of this in cash, by the way. End quote, obviously. and then the media said that she didn’t know this individual, Jamarcus, this was totally happenstance that she was there, it was the wrong house. Well, it turns out that the individual who was shooting at police in that instance was also having his mail, his phone bills, all of this to — using, rather, her address. That’s why they went to her address.

So, he was having things delivered to her address. Now, she obviously was not in any way shot on purpose by the cops. No one even claims that she was. She was in the crossfire of somebody who was shooting at police. He wasn’t charged ’cause he said he thought it was people coming to rob him. How many of you, if you hear a knock at the door, “Police,” you just open fire through the door? I’m just putting that out there.

Unless — I don’t know — maybe you’re involved in the drug trade. Just think about that one for a moment. But civil rights charges, felonies against these officers, to ruin their lives. Why? Not because of the facts of the case but because the Biden administration wants to mobilize the BLM activists, the anti-cop left and make sure they get as much of the African-American vote as they possibly can. And that’s why the DOJ is bringing this case at this time.


BUCK: I just wanted to add a few more details into this indictment that Merrick Garland has brought against four Louisville police officers. The only one of them — one of the four, Brett Hankison — is one of the officers who faced state charges for wanton endangerment because he fired without a clear line of sight. He pleaded not guilty, and he was acquitted. There were no other state charges filed in the case. There should be obviously a state matter for the state of Kentucky, but the Feds have come in and they have decided that they’re going to bring these charges.

Now, there was Taylor and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. Kenneth Walker was in bed during the no-knock raid. I mentioned before someone named Jamarcus, Jamarcus Glover. Jamarcus Glover was the individual involved in the drug trade that they were trying to catch with the drugs, essentially, and he had connections to Breonna Taylor. That’s why on those phone recordings with Glover, they were mentioning Breonna Taylor handling money for him.

But Kenneth Walker was the individual who got up when police were banging at the door and who, when the first officer came through the door, police broke the door off its hinges, Walker fired the gun, striking Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly in the thigh. The police responded fire several shots, and they struck Breonna Taylor in that exchange. And so Hankison, because he was firing into a dark hallway where a police officer had already been shot, that’s when they brought the state charges against them.

So I think those… I wanted to clarify and make sure all the facts of the case are stated correctly. But the point here is, there’s no federal crimes here, okay? They’re just bringing federal charges against these officers because. They were thinking about bringing a federal charge against the officer involved in the Mike Brown case in Ferguson, but then the federal investigation showed that every eyewitness said that Michael Brown charged him, and so that then became more difficult.

This is what happens. A Democrat DOJ will decide that they’re going to bring charges even when the state prosecutors either have brought charges and were unsuccessful, the person was acquitted, which really creates a form of double jeopardy. I know they say it’s different jurisdictions, but you get charged by the state for shooting your gun as a cop into the hallway. Now you’re being charged by the Feds after the state acquitted you. Right? Just want to be very clear, this is politics.

This is a political situation that is playing out and why the Democrats are doing it now, and cops know this. Cops across the country know, you get into a situation where the New York Times, super woke left-wing editorial pages comes after you and CNN starts having teary-eyed anchors going on TV talking about how racist law enforcement is in the country? You’re a cop and you’re caught up in that, even if you are acquitted of the actual charges that could be brought at the state level or not brought at all, the Feds will swoop in, and they will feed you to the lions.

And that is what Merrick Garland is doing because he is a hack.

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