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Clay Calls Out ESPN for America-Bashing July 4th Column

CLAY: ESPN, Buck — which is increasingly unreadable and unwatchable because of its wokeness. I woke up on July 4th thinking to myself, “Hey, you know what gonna do? I’m gonna go to the July 4th parade. I’m gonna watch some fireworks, I’m gonna take my kid down to the beach and have a good time with everybody there,” and we did all that. But I woke up early on July 4th and ESPN had published a piece on its main website as its feature essentially arguing that America is awful.

I read it, Buck, and I don’t even know if you read this piece, but it goes through Roe v. Wade. It argues about January 6th. I read it and I thought to myself, “Okay, it’s July 4th. ESPN is promoting this. This is on their main website. Do I to want to respond or not?” Because to the point we were just talking about, it’s the middle of the July 4th weekend, and I decided I’d take a couple of hours and dash off a response to this column. Some of you out there, I hope you’ve read it. If you want to check it out, you can go to It’s also up on

I think it’s up now on Buck, it’s gonna end up being maybe one of the most read columns that I have ever written before. And the reason why I think it’s resonating to such a large extent is people are sick of our cultural institutions being torn down and that they’re being torn down from places that they shouldn’t be, right? If you go to on July 4th, you’re probably wanting to see one of your favorite basketball teams gonna be playing, maybe you’re following Wimbledon.

Instead, you were forced with, “America is awful,” a 4,000-, 5,000-word piece about why January 6th was the worst thing that’s ever happened to America and why Roe v. Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court is an existential threat to all that exists in America today. I just think there are so many people who want to fight back, and the response to this piece has further encouraged me about four months from now and the coming Red Wave.

There’s a lot of people willing to throw punches, and I think that’s the legacy of Trump. Even if Trump doesn’t become the nominee, even if he’s not president again, he’s changed the Republican Party forever in that, “Hey, I’m not gonna meekly kind of cower and try to be Mitt Romney and worry about what the New York Times is gonna say.” I’m gonna throw back at them harder, and I think that’s important to know we’re in a fight now.

BUCK: One of the primary differences between the mentality of people I find on the right and those on the left in America today is people on the right take pride in being American. People on the left take pride in the belief that they are better than America.

CLAY: Yeah. That’s well said.

BUCK: You see this playing in the Independence Day weekend, the way that they will put these articles out of there, “America’s not so great,” blah, blah, blah. Look, this country means that they’re allowed to say their stupid stuff, but as is the case also with people wearing masks, we are allowed to say they are wrong and it is dumb. And that is our role.

CLAY: And punching back. Actually, when you find out that you’re in a fight, one of the great quotes of all time, “Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” It was Mike Tyson who came up with that quote. You know what we’re finding out? When liberals get punches thrown back at ’em, they aren’t that prepared to be in a real fight. They’re good at mobs. They’re not good is the fighting know fighting, and they’re losing a lot of battles.

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