Bars Closed in Tuscaloosa To Reduce COVID-19 Spread At Bama

Since the University of Alabama resumed in-person classes, there's been a dramatic increase in the number of students with COVID-19. That according to an Executive Order issued today by Mayor Walter Maddox. And since the University is so important to the Tuscaloosa economy, and a shift to online only would "devastate" the local economy, the mayor is shutting down bars for 14 days.

We've all seen the viral videos of students without masks, not social distancing, outside bars after Bid Day.

The University has issued new restrictions on large gatherings: "There will be no large student organized events. This includes band parties, swaps, formals, out-of-town and off-campus parties or large gatherings of any kind."

But there are some things outside the University's control. And the mayor says the University asked for the city's help, by closing bars.

The bar closure starts today and runs through September 8th... the day after Labor Day. The city is assistng the bars with grants and by not collecting city taxes.

Too little, too late? Or just doing what's needed?

Drinking alone at a bar

Drinking alone at a bar