Houston Begins Recovery Efforts Following Hurricane Beryl

Hurricane Beryl Impacts Texas Coastline

A vehicle is left abandoned in floodwater on a highway after Hurricane Beryl swept through the area on July 08, 2024 in Houston, Texas.Photo: Brandon Bell / Getty Images News / Getty Images

The cleanup is underway now that Beryl has moved out of the Houston area. Hundreds of downed powerlines will most likely make those efforts move slowly.

Houston Fire Chief Sam Pena is urging residents to be patient. He's reminding Houstonians that if they see a downed power line, leave it alone. And he urges those using generators to power their homes, to be sure and do so safely to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Pena says his department has been successful in dozens of high water rescues, mostly motorists stranded by street flooding.

"We have resources to start clearing that debris off the road, but we expect it to be a long cleanup process," said Pena. "We expect a long cleanup process."

As the city of Houston deals with the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl, Mayor John Whitmire is pleading with residents to help those in need.

"Look out for your family, your neighbors, your pets. The most vulnerable. If you are responsible for senior citizens, its your duty, your responsibility to look out for the most vulnerable," said Whitmire.

Whitmire urged residents to stay off the streets so city crews could assess the damage. "Now we are going to move into assessment, but we need the public's assistance. Let us help you. Let us do a proper assessment across the city," said Whitmore.

Hurricane Beryl Impacts Houston

Photo: Brandon Bell / Getty Images News / Getty Images

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