Rare Black Bear 'Surprises' Couple Fishing In Texas Lake

Photo: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

While fishing in a Texas lake, a couple came across a rare creature that just wanted to be in on the fun.

Debra Luke and her husband were pre-fishing for a local bass tournament on June 10 when they spotted a black bear swimming around Lake Amisad, Debra told MySanAntonio.

The woman from San Antonio said she saw the bear around 2 p.m. She caught the bear's summer activities on video and sent the footage to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which shared the video on social media this week.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department warned residents to stay away from these threatened species: "This black bear was spotted swimming at Lake Amistad near Del Rio. While black bears are still a threatened species in Texas, they are returning to their historic range. Black bears rarely pose a threat to humans if given plenty of space and not habituated to human contact."

MySanAntonio reported black bears are protected species in the state of Texas.

You can watch the cute video of the black bear swimming around below:

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