3 Things To Know Today

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1 Democrats Hold The Senate

Following a key win in Nevada for Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (who defeated her Republican challenger Adam Laxalt) on Saturday, it’s official – the Democrats will hold the Senate. And while there’s a runoff set for Georgia – to decide if Senator Raphael Warnock will return to the Capitol or if Herschel Walker will be making the trip, it would merely be icing on the cake for Dems to see Warnock return. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called the victory a "vindication" for Democrats. He said the majority was secured through terrific candidates, their agenda, accomplishments, and something else. “The American people rejected – soundly rejected – the anti-democratic, authoritarian, nasty, and divisive direction,” Schumer offered. “That MAGA Republicans wanted to take our country in.” Maybe so, but the jury is still out as far as the House - though some are projecting the Dems will hold that, too. Beyond Congress, Arizona's race for governor is tightening as more than 90-percent have of the votes are in. Democrat Katie Hobbs now leads Republican Kari Lake by just over 26-thousand votes, or about one percentage point. Lake closed the gap in yesterday’s update, which had nearly 100-thousand ballots counted in Maricopa County, Arizona's most populous county. Final results are expected this week.

2 University Of Virginia On Lockdown Following Shooting

The University of Virginia is currently on lockdown following reports of a shooting on the school's campus. University police identified the suspect as former U-V-A football player Christopher Darnell Jones and consider him to be armed and dangerous. Officials haven't given any details about possible injuries or fatalities. “We have all received several shelter in place texts, and they are frightening,” Robin Hadley, the V-P and Dean of Students said in an email to UVA’s student body. “I am on grounds like many of you; I am sheltering in place and in direct touch with University leadership and UPD … If you are not inside and safe, immediately seek safety.” The situation is considered to be evolving – the investigation continues.

3 CDC: Flu Activity "Very High" In Seven States

The CDC is warning of "very high" or "high" rates of influenza activity in at least 25 states. But there are seven states officials are particularly concerned about: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia and the District of Columbia That’s because they’re described as having "very high" levels of flu activity. Health officials estimate there have been between two-point-eight million and six-point-six million flu cases from early October through early November. In that same period, they've also estimated between 13-hundred and 36-hundred deaths. According to the CDC, flu activity levels haven't been this high this early since the 2009 swine flu outbreak.

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